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Windows Boot Failure – Newest Virus & Service Call

“Windows Boot Failure. Press OK to Fix Boot Failure” Another morning, another phone call — this time it’s about a virus…those are always fun.     “Hi Matt.”  [again, his number showed up on my cell] “Hey Kreg. Whatcha doing? 

1-800-Web-Guru — My New Number or It Should Be

1-800-Web-Guru I should get this phone number — except that I’d have to pay for each call and as it is, I get enough requests out of the blue asking for ‘quick’ advice.  For example, like the one I just

“I Need a Website” – My Latest Email

Today I clicked my Yahoo accounts to check my ever-growing pile of email to see this particular subject line that read, “I need a website”. With grave hesitation, I opened it. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it