Discussing new ideas with clients are some of my most enjoyable duties.

Numerous times I have worked with business owners and/or organizations to uncovered different approaches to their challenges and thus, we were able to surpass their goals in either generating new business or supporting existing customers.

If you have a particular challenge, drop me an email and tell me what you’re facing.  I may very well be able to help…just like I did for these people below.

Clients Listed Alphabetically

Crimson Laurel Gallery

Crimson Laurel Gallery

Bakersville, North Carolina

• Crimson Laurel Gallery quickly grew to represent over a hundred local artists, but then it created a logistical problem too.

• Worked with the owners to create templates so they could edit their content faster.  SEO, Google Adsense, Paypal, YouTube and other promotions were used to boost the site’s search rankings and visibility.

“It’s VERY VERY VERY COOL.  Nice choice of music and I love the show titles, fonts and everything…  Thanks man, you’re the best.”

~ David Trophia

The Design Gallery

The Design Gallery

Burnsville, North Carolina

• The Design Gallery had a server crash and the previous site was corrupted.  Since then, Wendy has wanted to redesign her website to ease the influx of artwork.

• Explored several content management systems (CMS) — including TypePad, Drupel, WordPress and Weebly — all in hopes of finding something that Wendy could use to edit her site without any ongoing help.

“Thank you!  I appreciate your help!”

~ Wendy Reid

Patti Waltz

Patti Waltz

Marshall, North Carolina

• Patti Waltz wanted to disassociate herself from her jewelry business and wanted to start a new career as a local graphic designer and illustrator.

• Discussed creative ways to market herself locally to generate more traffic and customers for her business.

Toe River Arts Council

Toe River Arts Council (TRAC)

Burnsville, North Carolina

• TRAC needed help modernizing their infrastructure, but as a non-profit organization, they were unable to fund a major overhaul.

• Presented staff with training & templating on how to update their mailing lists to save postage, integrated Paypal online to accept membership dues, and added Google Maps for their advertised, studio tours.

“Thank you again for helping us the other day on our database and recommendations for the TRAC website.”

~ Denise Cook


Marshall, North Carolina
Dan Altheimer

Clear Green Canteen in partnership with Carolina Glass Company and Trenzcape to produce a new glass water bottle that is entirely made in the United States.

• Aided in ergonomic, design, manufacturing and branding concerns.



Marshall, North Carolina

• Doug Mackenzie has spent 20 years helping to revitalize his town and when they could not afford to bury its power lines, he created a new product — an alternative to unsightly telephone poles in historic downtown areas.

• Guided brochure design and created website to reach his target market — city planners.

“Thanks again for all of your help on this.”

~ Doug Mackenzie


Vamos Rent-A-Car

Vamos Rent-A-Car

Alajuela, Costa Rica

• Vamos was a fledgling company amidst global franchises in the tourism sector. Five years of work earned the respect and attention of the industry; negotiations are underway to acquire Vamos by several interested parties.

• Instrumental in creating the Vamos brand of customer service, generating loyal clients and ranking as the first non-franchise on page one of Google.

“After years of searching for a dedicated and competent SEO provider, [Kreg] is the best.”

~ George Schwarzenbach