New Look — Thanks ThemeID

I’ve been fortunate enough to be employed full-time over the past four and a half years and as such, I have not had the time to blog…at all really.  Thus, this site accumulated old plugins and themes, not to mention an old WordPress install.

My previous theme was okay, but it was time to move on, so I got a new one from ThemeID called Responsive.  It was even free.  So I started by creating a child theme, upgraded my files and here I am!

One recommendation though is to install WP-DBManager before you upgrade so that you can make a back-up just in case.  If you speak to me for any length of time, the word “back-up” will inevitably come out of my mouth as I firmly believe in being prepared for the worst when it comes to data, hard drives and my livelihood.  It’s your call, but don’t cry, “I didn’t know” when it happens.

The format of the posts may be off a bit due to the different WYSIWYG editors that I’ve used (and because WordPress does away with blank lines), so I’ll adjust all of this over time, but for now, I just wanted to get it functioning again — breathe a little fresh air into it and tell Google that I’m still here.

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