Index Helper for Domains

Simple Example

list to index domainsTo help my clients get their websites indexed, as well as backlinked, I use a simple and easy method that I call the Index Helper for Domains.

Basically it’s this page — or any other page on a domain — and on it you list the URLs that you want the search engines to find and of course, index.

You see the search engines [Google in particular] likes to find new links on their own — as opposed to being told by a ping — as their robots crawl the web. So in doing so, you do two things.

• You get out of having to ping each URL yourself.

• The search engines are happier.

So there you are, you now know another secret of mine.

Here’s my current list that I’m working on at the moment. FYI, these will change once the URLs rank on their own, then I take them off the list.  😉

Vamos Rent-A-Car on their new domain name –

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